Llanbadoc Community Council represents the Monmouthshire communities of Llanbadoc, Monkswood, Little Mill and Glascoed. It has 9 elected members,  2 in Glascoed, 2 in Monkswood 2 in Llanbadoc and 3 in the Little Mill Ward.

Community Councillors are elected to represent local residents within the community; to deliver services to meet local needs; and to strive to improve the quality of life in the community they serve.

The Community Council is the first tier of local government and is funded by a precept (payment) from the council tax. Our working practises comply with our written Standing Orders (based on One Voice Wales model form)  copies of which can be obtained by contacting the Clerk. Written policies in several areas are also available on request.

We operate at ‘grass roots’ level and enable local people to make improvements to their communities. Much of our work involves liaison with Monmouthshire County Council, which has responsibility for many local amenities.

All planning applications are referred initially to the Community Council for comment before the decision is made by Monmouthshire County Council. We also maintain links with other public bodies and community councils. If you have submitted a planning application to MCC that is located within the Llanbadoc, Glascoed Little Mill or  Monkswood wards, as part of community engagement, Llanbadoc Community Council are consultees, and therefore will be asked to provide comments and a recommendation to MCC on the proposal.

Please contact the clerk or your local ward councillor for further information on how you can be involved.


We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.00pm at County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk. You are very welcome to join us.  Should however, you wish to join the meeting online please contact the Clerk at clerk@llanbadoc.org and a link will be provided.

Time is set aside towards the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to ask questions or raise any issues they have. The Agenda for each meeting will be published 5 working days prior to that meeting. Go to our Minutes and Agendas page for details.