Llanbadoc Geology Trail – A New Gem to Enjoy!


Try out the new Geology trail that starts from Llanbadoc Island and put your brain to the test with the trail quiz! All thanks to the efforts of SEWRIGS.

A project carried out by SEWRIGS (South East Wales Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites) led by Elen Wharton has led to the formation of a geology trail which starts at Llanbadoc Island. The trail starts at Llanbadoc Island carpark at the brand new bilingual noticeboard which explains the importance of the local geology along the River Usk.

Walkers can enjoy the trail and can massage their grey matter with the informative leaflet (available from the St. Madocs Church porch or digitally via link below) and can even test their own local history with the Trail Quiz which can be downloaded HERE.

The aim of the project is to bring the unique geological characteristics of the area to light to be enjoyed by walkers and enthusiasts alike. The trail can be enjoyed by educators, school groups, amateur geologists and anyone with an interest in discovering hidden gems (pun intended) in their area.

To download a leaflet / map simply click on one of the links below, the leaflet is designed to be easily read on a mobile device so that you can refer to it whilst on the trail.