Hi Everyone

Please help us, help our communities

We’ll always remember March 2020 – it will be a tough time for many people. We need you to help us support our residents through the challenges ahead. Many volunteering groups have popped up around the county – they’re doing brilliantly but they need our support as the need to protect the most vulnerable increases.

As an organisation our vision is clear, the community response is vital and we will support it – we need to provide urgent food, medication and a friendly wave through the window to the thousands of people self-isolating in the county. However, we also need to keep people safe #Stay Safe, Stay Home. The key to safety is the word ‘ESSENTIAL’ it does not mean delivery of a daily newspaper for someone, it means basic food supplies i.e. bread and milk and delivery of prescriptions. It also means leaving any provisions on the doorstep and not entering people’s homes.

With this in mind our strategy is very simple:

1. Using placed based teams we will support community led response groups, we will do this using local and national advice/guidance. All at arms-length, it is not our place to own but we will definitely help.
2. We will scale up the virtual Volunteering for Wellbeing programme in a targeted manner by redirecting our people who will work with volunteer coordinators.
3. We will kick start Our Monmouthshire which has an online community exchange functionality to complement and strengthen community effort. Thinking long term.

Can you help (there’s lots to be done so please say yes!)? If so, please email Partnerships@monmouthshire.gov.uk where they will be directed to the correct team for action based on their location or telephone our central contact number (01633) 644696.

If you would like to help there are some simple do’s and don’ts listed below:


– Pick up the phone to chat to anyone who’s self-isolating. Ask if they need any food/supplies/medicines to be picked up
– Pick up any urgent or essential supplies during your one trip out that day – simple shop for others while you shop for yourselves
– If they’ve got a smart phone/tablet teach them how to use it so they can see people – Digital Communities Wales has a team of expert trainers and advisors on hand to help get people on line just phone them on 0300 111 5050
– Encourage people to open the window to get some fresh air and listen to the birds
– Keep washing your hands and follow all social distancing guidelines i.e. stay 2 metres apart


– Go into people’s homes
– Go within 2 metres of people (knock doors, and leave bags on the door step)
– Don’t start being trusted with credit cards or taking money out for people who you don’t know

We will act as the connection to the community action groups and communicate with them on behalf of MCC. It would be worth ensuring that there are no social services support needs before forwarding members of the public onto us. We will deal with simple community support needs that can be carried out locally by volunteers such as telephone befriending, dropping off shopping and virtual social activities. Obviously this will depend on demand and capacity of the community volunteers. We may not be able to meet all needs immediately.

We would prefer you or the community member to email Partnerships@monmouthshire.gov.uk where they will be directed to the correct team for action based on their location. You can direct members of the public to the web link https://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/community-2/ where information will be updated regularly. If they do need to call our teams number is 01633 644696.

**We are mapping organisational and community based support and action. If any organisations or groups come to you for support please do send them our way!**

Thanks for your support


Owen Wilce | Community and Partnership Development Lead / Swyddog Arweiniol Datblygu Cymunedau a Phartneriaethau
Monmouthshire County Council | Cyngor Sir Fynwy
County Hall, Rhadyr, Usk, Monmouthshire. NP15 1GA
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