Monmouthshire County Council are in the process of drafting a Loneliness & Social Isolation plan, entitled A Connected Monmouthshire, which will form one of the strands under their Social Justice Strategy, and they would really like to understand what is happening within our communities to inform the next steps.

In order that they can better understand what is currently taking place the Community Council have been asked to consider the questions set out below and respond by 24th August 2018.

In order that we can submit the views of individuals who may have first-hand knowledge of this subject please feel free to answer the questions and share your thoughts with us.  Email to clerk@llanbadoc.org subject heading Loneliness and Social Isolation.

All responses will be treated in strict confidence and will be collated and put forward under the name of Llanbadoc Community Council.

1)      What needs to change in your community to reduce loneliness and social isolation and increase the range and quality of social connections?

2)      Who is key at the local level in driving this change, and what do you want to see them doing more (or less) of?

3)      What does Monmouthshire need to do locally to better empower communities and create the conditions to allow social connections to flourish?

4)      Are there examples of best practice outside Monmouthshire (either elsewhere in Wales or anywhere else in the World) focused on tackling loneliness and social isolation that we should be looking at?

5)      Are you aware of any good practice in a local community to build social connections?

We really appreciate your help in this matter which will better help us understand what activities are taking place county-wide.