Usk to Little Mill Gas Improvements

Usk to Little Mill Gas Improvement Project

There will be a public information meeting from 1:00pm until 7:00pm on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at The Three Salmons Hotel, Bridge Street, Usk, NP15 1RY.

Representatives from Monmouthshire County Council and WWU (Gas) will be at the public meeting to answer any questions that anyone may wish to ask. Site plans of the works will also be available at the meeting for anyone wishing to view them. All local residents will shortly be receiving letters detailing the works, and inviting them to the public information meeting.

The scheme is to replace the old aging metal pipework with new modern plastic pipework to improve the gas delivery quality. There has also been history of mains burst which will now be eliminated as a result of these works being carried out.
The length of the new mains is about 6.6 kilometres long from Usk to Little Mill on the A472 and estimated at approximately £1.0 million.Commencement date is January 2018, and is due to take about 9 months. This duration is dependent on everything going to plan, and not hitting any major problems.
Road closures are planned and some delays are therefore inevitable, but access to blue light services will be maintained at all times. Our Traffic Section will be dealing with the road closure applications from Wales and the West Utilities (WWU). The actual works programme will be released to the wider public via Monmouthshire County Council’s Weekly Road Works Report (WRWR) on a weekly basis. For more info visit