New Information Point at Llanbadoc Church

New Information Point at Llanbadoc Church

As a council we were able to purchase the listed Telephone kiosk at Llanbadoc Island from BT earlier this year for £1. As a community council we do not have a central meeting place in which we can display information relevant to our wards, so we have decided to trial using the telephone box as our community information hub.

So during the summer the telephone box had a makeover, replacement panes were installed and brambles were removed from inside and around the kiosk.

The kiosk was painted by an intrepid band of councillors, in post office red and one of our residents has kindly installed a set of shelves. The council has published seven walk leaflets and these are all available in the telephone box or can be downloaded from our website.

A notice board will be available for information pertaining to the area. Please contact us if you have any information you may wish to display.